Ponte de Lima 2012 (DOC Vinho Verde)

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Today I returned from my vacations in Portugal, a totally recommendable country located in an incomparable place halfway between Galicia and Romania, land of navigators, workers and people who fight every day for the best for theirs. Personally I emphasize its picturesque corners, its greenery and its link with the waters, both salty and sweet.

And it is in this 'Green Wine' region, northwest of the country (in the village called Lima), and on the banks of Lima River, where is placed Adega Ponte de Lima Cooperative, founded in the 60's. From here comes the reference today, a red wine of only 10% of alcohol made with the varieaties Vinhão (Sousón in Galicia), Borraçal and Espadeiro (Trincadeira in Galicia).

Young fuchsia colour in eyes. Nose of low intensity, I swear that nothing came to mind. In the mouth, its low alcohol content reminded a soda (...) Null entry because with a green and acidic development it reminded of a white wine. Anecdotal ending that makes me doubt if I am facing a Noir de Blancs (I know that does not exist) ...

A red wine with an Atlantic vocation although very very different with the reds wines that are made in Galicia and Bierzo, better or worse? For me it is clear but it is the hoteliers who must be aware of it. I suppose the Portuguese hoteliers know the wines they offer. $ 3'60 / 3'25 €.

2 comentarios:

  1. Uppss... qué pena!

    justo hoy publicamos una nota con un vino Portugués de cuidado y estamos preparando el viaje... Procuraremos no chocarnos con este entonces. O sí? je!

    Abrazo grande y salutes!

  2. Gracias por el comentario.
    Me salió de todo, vinos buenos, vinos mas malillos, pero en general mucha variedad y a todos los precios. Hay que probar de todo jeje
    Si vais por Portugal pasadlo bien, ya veréis como os gusta su gastronomia!
    Un saludo y paso a leerme vuestro viejo alentejano.