Grasă de Cotnari demidulce (Romania)

The most popular Romanian wine is here: Grasă de Cotnari. This wine-growing area is located in north-west Romania, a few kilometers from neighboring Moldova. There are a group of vineyards marking the border several kilometers, not only DOC Cotnari, but Bohotin, Iași or Huși DOC's. A wine very present in countries with a large presence of Romanian immigration such as Italy, Spain or Ukraine.

It is a clear white wine, pale-yellow in colour, almost crystalline with silver highlights. Numerous and thick legs to oxygenate the cup. On the nose it is intense and very sweet with subtle aromas of aniseed, flowers, meadow and lime in backgroud. On the palate the wine is sweet, feminine and friendly, developing sweet and seducting yet where spring flowers combining with good acidity. Final short and sweet leaving an easy drinking wine (11'5 % vol.).

In my opinion it is a white wine with good value price/quality (4'98 euros). In Spain, it is increasingly easy to find Romanian wines because precisely the Romanian community ( main immigrant community in Spain ) is encouraged to open their own businesses, and more specifically, feeding business. Greetings to all Romanian friends that I have in all the places where I worked maybe next time I will encourage you to try the Muscat Cornari that one of those comrades recommended me!

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