Menada Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 (Bulgaria)

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The Bulgarian vineyard is one of the least known in Europe but full of history. The ancient Bulgarians (the Thracians people) were exceptional warriors and winemakers. This fact made this drink take a dimension that did not exist in other south-Europe places, because is in this land where the god of wine appeared... Dionysus !!. Not far from that appearance, not far from Stara Zagora (center of the country) comes a very special and positive 1oo % Cabernet Sauvignon.

Visually a medium opacity, with an evolution colour in disk. You can see numerous thin and transparent tears. On the nose the delicacy around the red fruits are here protagonists (cassis, young raspberry), on an spicy and herbal background. In the mouth a dry attack. Light development, with a present freshness evokeing juicy young forest fruits mouthfeel. Long, fruity and spicy finish. Its mature tannin helps to put persistence eclipsing its testimonials 12% vol.

A red IGT Thracian Valley wine that in Western Europe reaches a price of 6 euros. A nice surprise to find these red wine profiles from southern vineyards and with so much history. Its tannicity still allows a 3 years guard, but you can wake up this wine today at 12'3º C. Its pairing is recommended with the dishes of the Balkan gastronomy: a good Ćevapi on the grill (Serbia), a Patka pecena s mlincima (Croatia) or a Bulgarian Pepper stuffed with rice.

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