Jidvei Clasic Fetească Regală sec 2017 (Romania)

Phylloxera arrived in 1880 to Romania and destroyed the 60% of his vineyard surface (including indigenous grape varieties), is not until the IIWW end when the affected surfaces are replanted with new imported rootstocks. There are rootstocks too in central Romania and in Târnave wine region but with that indigenous varieties like Fetească Regală. This white grape variety is a natural crossing between Fetească Albă and Grasă.

Visually a golden yellow color with grenish highlights marking his youth. Dense tears are seen as detail (12% vol.). In nose, the discretion predominates, it only lets out citrus notes such as tangerine and white flower hints. A dry entry in mouth, with a slight roundness and shy acidity in the development. Fruity mouth-aromas such as peach at its ripeness, citrus fruit, orange blossom and very subtly some tropical fruits touchs. Short ending with an overdose of SO2 unfortunately.

A DOC Târnave wine that lives up to its price of 3'99 euros / $ 4'37 / 19 leis and with a quality on a line I have tried it from Jidvei Winery. Diamond medal in the 'Women and Wine of the World' in Monaco 2018. In my opinion, with less sulphurous perhaps the silver medal could have been achieved. As a pairing the light and vegetarian elaborations could go well. I'm talking about a vegan quiche, a salata od vrganja or a Cheesy’ Veggie loaded sweet potatoes.

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