Jidvei Traditional Riesling sec 2017 (Romania)

With the proclamation of the Socialist Republic of Romania and in the collectivized economy framework, quality wine is sacrificed for the benefit of big productions. Exports are made to other Eastern Europe countries and slightly improves the wine industry. In 1989 Nicolae Ceaucescu's Romania sinks and with him the wine sector falls. This ballast has will left Romania as a secondary reference in the European wine scene but anyway as a land of great white wines, especially demi-sec wines and singular cépages.

A greenish golden, crystalline colour without defects. On the nose there are varietal notes evoking fresh green grass from the Transylvanian grasslands where Dracula fought with the Ottomans ... With the aeration lime skin, clementine and orange blossom hints are added. In the mouth a dry entrance. Development of very good acidity that puts persistence. A slight roundness reminiscent of notes of immature white fruit bone and those herbal frankly. Easy to drink and femenine (11'5% vol.) Short but still mineral finish accompanied by saline and citrus fruit echoes. Contains sulfites.

A 1oo% Riesling coming from Târnave DOC label with a very ruman price of 3'50 € / $ 3'88 . Târnave wine region is one of the largest vineyards in Romania, located in Carpatian foot-Mountains and famous by a high freshness in white wines. Jidvei winery not only has the largest wine plantation in Romania, but also the largest private vineyard in Europe with an area of 6.177 acres that is almost the same area as AOC Saint-Émilion. However, there is nothing more different in the world than a white Târnave and a red Saint-Émilion.


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