Beciul Domnesc Pinot Noir demisec 2018 (Romania)

The golden calf is the national symbol of the Old Principality of Moldova, now divided between Bessarabia and eastern Romania. In present-day eastern Romania and at the foot of the Extern Eastern Carpathians we have a group of wine regions, and one of them is Cotești. Only 7 villages have the right to make Cotești wine through its 30.900 acres facing south orientation. The iconic golden calf's head is proudly included in the label design. Bull pride with a burgundish spirit for this 1oo% Pinot Noir.

Visually shows the classic opacity of the Pinot Noir wines. Nose with fruit and floral predominance. In the fruit side show the young berry fruit such as raspberry, blackberry or zmeură hints. In the floral the violette is the queen here. Entrance of a slight sweetness, very subtle. Very fruity development where acidity stands out. Then all the floral and herbal nuances appears transporting us to the Carpatians forests. Light body, easy to drink where the tension is the wine's spine. A very well integrated warmth at the end where a slight sweetness evokes juicy fruit of the forest in its bush tells us 'reverede'. A great fruits infusion .

Highly recommended DOC Cotești wine. Although it is a demi-sec wine the sweetness is very well integrated, in the past I have tasted sweeter Spanish wines that do not consider themselves like demi-sec, off-dry, etc. Very different from the Pinot Noir bourgundish and very positive in summary. Its price is very Romanian, of
5'99 € / $ 6'57 is ideal to enjoy every day. Look for the daily preparations such as white meat with vegetables, fresh pasta with organic tomato sauce or some Portuguese petiscos. Service temperature recommended of 12º C for the great balance between roundness and livid sensations!

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