Cricova Classic Brut Alb (Moldova)

Cricova is not only where M. Putin celebrated his 50 birthday, is not only the most famous winery in Moldova (between Ukraine and Romania)... is the winery with the 3rd largest wine collection of the world and the 2nd greatest size winery. A lot of history inside this place because it hid some jews in 40's. There are funny secrets even like when the russian heros Yuri Gagarin was 2 days drinking and drinking in the 15 km of subterranean winery. Five differents grapes coming from southern and central Moldova were chosen for this Traditional method sparkling wine : 35% Rkatsiteli, 25% Sauvignon, 25% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir and 5% Aligoté.

A golden yellow color, where the foam is not persistent but its small bubbles. In the nose the complexity is justified by the citrus fruits such as lime, Kishiniov fresh herbs, apple or pastries aromas. Entry into the brut line (closer to 6 than 12 grams of residual sugars). A great freshness that puts tension on mouthfeel thanks Sauvignon and Aligoté. Very integrated its 13% alcohol. A creamy texture with notes of yeast, red fruits or bakery hints, it could be a 12 month aging on lees I think. An ending that evokes the pastry mouth-aromas with a pleasant bitterness that tells us 'la reverede'.

The Rkatsiteli is a native caucasian grape variety putting the eastern touch in this french party. Is surprising too find a Pinot Noir touch evoking the red bush fruits. It's 9'80 euros / $ 10'61 price is very affordable for the western customer, as it will compete with the mid-range French Crémants and Spanish Cavas. La grandeza de los espumosos es que puede madirar con muchos platos. Regional cuisine is very compatible, so I propose: a Biban de mare cu ierburi la gratar, a File de somon cu sos dulce picant or a Ciorba Taraneasca cu afumatura. A service temperature of 9º C is the recommended.

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