Lagoalva Talhão branco 2018 (DOC Tejo)

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The D.O.C. Tejo is a wine region located in the heart of Portugal. It is based on a valley whose tributaries draw a landscape very suitable for viticulture. The plains and the gentle hills leave the prominence to sandy-alluvial soils and a mild climate. The Chamusca sub-zone, on the Tagus left bank, is one of the continental cork production referents. Does that mean that all corks are free of trichloroanisole (cork disease)? Let's see it in this Alvarinho, Arinto, Fernão Pires, Verdelho and Sauvignon lote.

A greenish yellow color that confirms youth. A medium intensity nose, a priori with herbal, floral and white bone fruit hints. With oxygenation, kiwi and unfortunately trichloroanisole notes are added. A dry entry in mouth, light but intense development with a controlled freshness. Mouth-aromas for the ribatejano 'campinos' grass, and for the mature citrus fruits being protagonists, like the orange on a sage background. Persistent finish thanks to a spicy echo and delicate warmth. To get a 'but' there is also very subtle TCA touch and a sulfite overdose.

Quinta da Lagoalva is the winery from which this branco de lote leaves. And the winery is located in the Alpiarça village, a few km from Santarêm and famous for its archaeological richness. This Tejo branco has a good price-quality ratio, of $ 6'6 that make it expensive when we find TCA traces. But I will not cry. The Vinhos do Tejo jury did not cry, in whose 2019 edition they awarded a Gold medal for this vintage 2018. That is one of the reasons that have led this wine to be sold in the Humberto Delgado's airport dutyfree in Lisbon.

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