Sigillum Moldaviae Pinot Noir demidulce (Romania)

The Vincon group proposes a range of wines from different Moldova wine-growing areas: the 'Sigillum Moldaviae' collection. The only red in the range is this 1oo% Pinot Noir from the Odobeşti wine region, although that vineyard also produces white wines. A mountainous region located at the Eastern Carpathians foot with about 7000 Has / 17399 acres of vines. There is a climate dominated by warm, humid and continental conditions. And a winemaking tradition that exists since the XVII century, when the Romanians territories were shaking off the Ottoman imperialist yoke.


Visually we have the medium opacity typical of Pinot Noir, this time nuanced by a tile-colored hues that mark an evolution. Possible 2016 vintage ? On the nose, a medium intensity that reflects the red fruit of the forest purity through the benzaldehyde ( Cherry aromatic buffer ) C6H5CHO. With the evolution, the floral and bush aromas of the Siret valley are open. In the mouth a delicious, very very subtle semi-sweet entry. Light, feminine development very loaded with raspberry and cherry sensations that are still present in its finish, with an imperceptible tannin.


Romanian off-dry Pinot Noir wines are a genre in the European wine. Very very similar to the one already tested in this blog Domeniile Tohani DOC Dealu Mare or the Beciul Domnesc DOC Târnave. Whether demisec or demsweet it never offers too sweet or compote sensations. The very Romanian price of € 5'70 makes it one of the cheapest options for Pinot Noir lovers. As a pairing, always look for Balkan cuisine with a spicy touch: an Ajvar (Serbian roasted red pepper sauce) just to spread, as an aperitif, or as a garnish for the famous Bosnian ćevapi. And for dessert with a Smokvenjak (Dalmatian dried fig cake) this red wine complete a lot of option to match with.


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