Bostavan DOR rose 2018 (Moldova)

The varieties of Caucasian origin have an increasing weight in other vineyards both of the old and the new world. The Saperavi red variety (which means 'colored' or 'dyed'), is a teinturier grape, having polyphenols capable of producing a wide range of dry, off-dry, light, powerful and aging wines. It also highlights its low pH and its late maturation cycle. It resists very well to cold climates and altitude, hence its good adaptation in ex-Soviet and not so ex-Soviet vineyards such as Finger Lakes Wine Country (NY state). Returning to the east, here Saperavi and Merlot come together in the form of a feminine and pleasant 'pressurage' rosé.


This Saperavi - Merlot have an orange-pink color in line with the trend of French rosés from the Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d'Aix en Provence or Coteaux Varois appellations. Nothing to see with the color in the picture. Aromatically subtle, the floral profile predominates. Later, the orange blossom and citrus peel notes appear. Dry entry in the mouth. Light development but with some density. The mouth-aromas answer to ripe citrus notes, which is accompanied by floral and white stone fruit hints. A finish where is confirmed the peel of Moldovan orange collected by Valeriu, Alexandru and Ion.


A simple and unpretentious rosé for every day meals match to. Its price does not indicate a very high quality either, but this can happen when we are dealing with wines from far away latitudes. Bostavan winery proposes around 75 MDL / $4.36 to reach as many winelovers as possible. The appropriate serving temperature is between 11º and 12º C. As a pairing, I bet on summer preparations, some petiscos or pasta in general. In the regional section the match is the Placinte (baked pastry stuffed with farmer's cheese and herbs, potatoes, cabbage and onions).


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