Domeniile Avereşti Zghihară de Huşi sec (Romania)

The white variety Zghihară from Huşi is, as its name suggests, indigenous to the Huşi area in Romanian Moldova. A rare and difficult variety to grow as it is late and at the same time typical of a northern vineyard. A vineyard (Huşi) and a winery (Avereşti) located at the same latitude as well-known vineyards such as Mâcon in Bourgogne, Colli di Balzano in Italy or Burgenland in Austria. So that you can locate yourself we are halfway between Bucharest and Kiev. It is 62 miles / 100 km west of Chişinău (Moldova Republic).


Visually golden yellow flawless. The slow and dense tear stands out. Aromatically the terpenols are protagonists: a floral bouquet where the rose (linalool, C₁₀H₁₈O) is the queen. The lychee (decalactone, C₁₀H₁₈O₂), the pink peach or the pear highlights too. In this way, a very feminine buffer with a large amount of glycosylated precursors is perceived. In the mouth a round entry, immediately the moelleux and the amplitude in the development appear. A good volume on the palate with an important dense texture. Discreet freshness and 13% vol. integrated. Peach, tropical fruit and spice mouth-aromas return. A honeyed finish, with a delicate bitterness and a spicy trail saying la reverede.


If this variety had to be called something else, it could be called Romanian Gewürztraminer. Clearly. They are selling 1oo% Alsatian or Northeast Iberian Gewürztraminer at double the price of this 1oo% Zghihară of 5'10 € / $ 6.08. Therefore a discovery for all of us who love such variety. As a pairing look for Romanian gastronomy, better if it comes from the shores of beautiful Dobruca: a Midii in cochilie cu feta si rosii (mussels in shell with feta and tomato), or a Mixt combo fructe de mare (seafood combo mix).


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