Jidvei Tezaur sec Sauvignon Fetească 2018 (Romania)

The Jidvei's winery treasure (Tezaur) is a Sauvignon blanc and Fetească Regală assemblage, both grown between 200 and 500 meters, on south-facing slopes. A vineyard with the Târnave D.O.C. label sharing latitude with that of Beaujolais in France or that of Whasington in the US. A northern latitude without sudden temperature fluctuations ideal for producing white wine: here the Sauvignon Blanc provides the acidity, and Fetească Regală the floral hints.


In the glass, a very light color with silver tones reflecting a young vintage. Slow tears with a certain glyceric content. In first nose sage and orange notes. With the evolution orange blossom, jasmin and white peach echoes are added in medium intensity. A dry entry (or very slightly round) on the palate. A very good fresh development of stamp of the White Sauvignon. Very nice. Mouth-aromas for lime, apple, lemon or tropical fruit. A citric, bitter and saline finish with imperceptible 12.5% alcohol levels.

The Necșulescu family proposes a very accessible value of $ 7 / 5'99 € / 30 Lei. Jidvei State is one of the wineries with the largest vineyard area in Romania (6177 acres). It is also a project with more than 50 years of history and that survived the most “ Populară ” era in the country. You can enjoy this white from now on a temperature of 11.4º C. As a pairing I'd like propose Baby cabbages stuffed with foie gras and a mix of mushrooms (morels, ceps, chanterelles) seasoned with black pepper and eaten with crusty bread.


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