Cervus Cepturum Cabernet Sauvignon demisec (Romania)

The deer is the animal chosen by Ceptura winery to represent the crama at its foundation in 2005. The secret is a micro-climate in the heart of the DOC Dealu Mare, where the vineyard extends. The vines, at an altitude of 160 meters, enjoy a warm and bright climate ideal for the ripening of the grapes but also for the king of the forest. The deer, attracted by this warm micro-climate, settle in this area and become the guardians of the Crama Cepturum vineyard. An alliance that can be seen on the label and on the winery's emblem with two deer antlers and a sun. A sun that has optimally matured the Cabernet Sauvignon that motivates the next paragraph.  


Visually a high opacity typical of Cabernet reds, the disc marks an evolution that could easily translate into a 2016 vintage. Small colloidal particles tell us that if you filter a wine you will damage it. On the nose the fruit is the protagonist: juicy fruit from the Eflak forest. Afterwards, floral and spicy notes accompany the entire fruity register with sweetness. In the mouth, an off-dry entry with a delicious roundness. Very intense development, fruity and with an integrated freshness. The good structure of the Cabernet blends with raspberry, blackberry and black spice hints. A spice that adds persistence to a finish of pleasant warmth (13% vol).

A very Romanian price of 5'30 € / $ 6.28 / 25'83 leus for this reference destined to reach a large number of countries. And that is possible thanks to the high yields in the vineyard. Personally, I liked that combination of intensity with fruit in an off-dry key. It is not necessary to keep this reference for many more years. The serving temperature should not go beyond 12'7º C to respect the sensations mentioned. As a pairing, protein preparations such as stewed legumes or stewed meat are the match. Otherwise, Balkan gastronomy will always play a good role: Fasole cu carnati afumati (smoked sausages and beans) or a delicious Rostilj (Serbian spicy beef burger).


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