Cotnari rose demisec Busuioacă 2019 (Romania)

Romania's wines are amazing. Why? Because it has vines of more than 6,000 years ago. Apart from that, Romania treasures 452,200 acres of vineyards, ranking as the sixth producing country by volume of wine (and 13th in the world level). The Cotnari company (do not confuse with Cotnari wine region) was one of the first wineries to challenge the Romanian socialist regime by proposing quality and not quantity. Who said that Romanian workers do not have the right to taste a good rosé made from native varieties such as Busuioacă de Bohotin ? 


Visually we find an orange color without any doubt. The floral register predominates olfactorily: flowers from the western Moldavia meadows that are accompanied by peach and jasmine hints. Slightly off-dry entry in mouth. A light and feminine mouthfeel (imperceptibles 13 % vol.) but with a characteristic freshness of northern Romanian white wines. A shy roundness that will gain in sweetness at the end. Still floral mouth-aromas: azahar, orange blossom, white stone fruit and fresh spring herbs. A price of 23 ron ($ 5'62, coming to Occident in 6'60 €)

Medieval castles are no longer the only tourist attraction in Romania ... now wine tourism is a relevant activity among tourists who arrive (arrived before the Covid) from UK, France and USA. Cotnari's nearly 4444 acres of vineyards promote indigenous and other international varieties that have adapted very well to the cold conditions of northeastern Romania, such as the Aligoté from Burgundy. Do not hesitate to visit the Cotnari vineyard because it is much more than its famous 100% Grasă's whites and its Soviet-inspired buildings.


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