Rodino Leuko Black Muscat of Tyrnavos (Greece)

Black Muscat, Red Muscat or Tyrnavos Muscat are different ways of referring to the Muscat of Hamburg. A variety of muscat with pink skin that has adapted very well in central Greece and especially in the Tyrnavos area, to the point of being known there as Muscat of Tyrnavos. The Tyrnavos wine cooperative is well aware of the potential of this variety and proposes a semi-sweet white, according to them a 'blanc de noir'


Golden yellow color that means no contact between must and (pink) skin A very complex first nose: quince, ripe pear, roasted white stone fruit or white chocolate. And all this with a formidable intensity. It has a semi-sweet entry in the mouth effectively. Dense mouthfeel but balanced with good freshness development. Notes of candied orange, roasted white stone fruits and a slight bitterness. A good volume, does not become heavy (11'5 % vol.) 


The Tyrnavos cooperative is located 21 km north of Larissa, capital of the Thessaly region. There, the Rodino Leuko black muscat 0'75 l. shouldn't be worth more than 5 € / $ 5.64. A semi-sweet wine allow both sweet and salted pairings. As a salty one, simply a blue Iberian cheese: Valdeón from 'Picos de Europa' mountains, in north Spain. In sweet accord a Fresh fig tart with cottage cheese perfumed with lavander flambeed in this Rodino Leuko black muscat white wine.


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