Michalakis white Vilana Vidiano (IGP Crete)

Crete island is characterized by its mountains, its ancient archers and its wines. Along the island a mountain range marks an east-west axis. The Lefka (White) Mountains are located to the west, and the Díkti Mountains to the east, drawing terraces and gorges throughout all Crete. Michalakis estate takes advantage of these orographies and the altitudes of 500 / 600 meters to obtain wines with good acidity. Two native grapes are chosen to produce a fresh Mediterranean wine to enjoy with friends: Bηλάνα and Bιδιανό.

Visually straw yellow of manual. An aromatic nose where pear and citrus fruits such as mandarin greet and herbal notes of hay emerge. Entry in palate with a slight roundness. In the development the freshness predominates making it pleasant even without a great amplitude. Mouth aromas for orange blossom, white stone fruits and lychee. Very feminine and easy to drink (11.5% vol). May remind of certain whites dry Muscats and Gewürztramineres. A finish in the mouth where sulphites are noticeable since it is a product of great circulation.


Crete is much more than beach and gastronomic delights. I recommend the cave of Zeus, because the god of gods was born in Crete. Continue to see the grave of E. Venizelos (the most important Greek stateman of 20th century). Visit the big and impressive Kokkino Horios area (where nazis built a bunker during IIWW). And here are many more options. As a pairing to this white of more or less $ 4 I propose you the authentic Cretan salad: as a base it has a dry barley rusk covered with the best tomatoes, capers, Tsounati variety olives, cheese and all washed down with a drizzle of Koroneiki olive oil variety. Zeus save the Greek gastronomy !!

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