Domaine Pierre Gaillard blanc 2020 (AOC Saint-Joseph)

Pierre Gaillard is one of the proper names of the Northern Rhône Valley. It is in the village of Malleval where the family settled in 1981 attracted by the dizzying slopes of granite. As you know, St-Joseph's white wines make up a scant 1% of total production. In addition, the assemblage Roussanne – Marsanne is the traditional one here, but the Gaillard family defies that custom to offer us a Rousanne monovarietal with an aging on lees.


A 1oo% Roussane lemon yellow color with tears. An exciting complexity only two and a half years after its vinification. We can find apricot, flowers (honeysuckle, iris, daffodil ...), citrus notes and a general exuberance that can defy many Condrieu. A wide mouth at its entrance, which develops with roundness and balance. There is no lack of density and freshness of the vintage. Vinification and aging on lees to provide a plus of texture. Mouth aromas for yellow flower, orange rind and white stone fruit. Silky finish that does not sacrifice liveliness. 13.5% vol.


Roussanne belonging to the original vineyard of the Gaillard family because they currently have four distributed among the best appellations in the north of the Rhône Valley. The quality of this white leads you to have a price of between 23 and 25 euros. The service between 13º and 14º C will help to squeeze all the qualities described in the second paragraph, but there will always be those who will drink any white at eleven degrees or less.

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