La Rose d'Aimée (AOC Tavel)

Tavel, a french village, produces the only exclusively rosé appellation in Rhône Valley region. The Tavel AOC, with 750 hectares, has a very special micro-climate and produce dry rose wines with refreshing and herbal flavours. The rosés from Tavel also feature wildflowers and dried fruit notes. This 'Rose of Loved' cuvée is the result of an three terroirs blend vinified by Grandes Serres winery. Made & Craft.

A Syrah - Garnacha with a ruby red color typical of the saignée technique. Medium intensity on the nose that evokes memories of sage on a herbal background. Then notes of lollipop or clementine are added, contributing its complexity. On the palate, it enters slightly round but balanced with freshness. Mouth-aromas for the fruit of the forest where those herbal notes return. Feminine, easy to drink and pleasant.

A wine perfect paired with tapenade, grilled fish and ripe cheeses like Epoisses ou Camambert. A pool wine,  or from a Mediterranean beach, with a glass in one hand and that special woman in the other. Its price, close to 12 euros, makes it accessible to many budgets. Enjoy this wine served at 10º C and don't forget to comment.

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