Domaine Lauraire des Lys cuvée Plaisir des Lys 2019 (AOC Minervois)

In the Languedoc region, enjoy the varied atmospheres, heritage sites, beautiful natural wealth and exceptional villages. If you decide to visit the Minervois wine region, you will discover a countryside with five unique sub-areas: balconies of the Aude river, Mourels, Little Causse, Les Terraces and Causse highlands, where Laurarie winery is located.

A Garnacha – Syrah – Cariñena – Cinsault with medium opacity. The edge in youth since the uncorking took place in 2022. A timid nose that will need seconds and oxygenation to bring notes of ripe fruit. Wide entrance on the palate, with a subtle roundness. Development of slightly ripe fruit with a silky and smooth texture. Spicy finish that gives persistence.

A cuvée valued at 12 euros by the Khalkhal family and which is the archetype of a southern wine: meaty and spicy. This same wineblog talked about another cuvée belonging to Domaine Lauraire: Loriza. As a pairing to this 'Plaisir de Lys' an Occitanian beef hamburger, Picodon cheese, tomatoes, red onion, Boston lettuce, house mayonnaise, French fries.

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