Domaine Leccia blanc 2021 (AOC Patrimonio)

The most unjustly forgotten viticultural region in France is Corse. This Mediterranean island has been producing wines since the Hellenic Archaic Period, because the Greek aristocracy of the time oppressed the peasants to the point of forcing them to seek a better future far from Ancient Greece. Today both Provence and Corsica (where many peasants landed) boast crus that can compete with the best Mediterranean wines. One of the keys to this quality is the Malvoisie de Corse variety, known as Vermentino on the neighboring island of Sardegna.

A Vermentino of Straw yellow color like the sands of La Roya beach, in Poggio d'Oletta village, those greenish reflections that denote youth. An aromatic nose for white stone fruit notes such as peach or apricot on a saline and florally varietal background. Timidly rounded attack but with good amplitude. Development rather light, feminine, with floral mouth-aromas like a spring day, pip fruit like pear and a mineral mouthfeel. Vibrant. The end of sympathetic bitterness that reminds me of the bark of bergamot and calamondin.

The clay-calcareous soils of northern Corsica (Saint-Florent) are home to the 13 hectares of the Leccia family, who value this cuvée at approximately 30 euros. The service at 11º C is what we recommend here. As a match, try a Grilled octopus linguine, Kalamata olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, cherry tomatoes, lemon zest. A second option a Mixed green salad, balsamic dressing, Corsica pine nuts and parmesan shavings. Without leaving the product of the sea to Sardinian style fish and seafood barbecue, vegetables ratatouille, ail and oli sauce, black olives tapenade.

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