Domaine André et Mireille Tissot - Vin de paille 2009 (AOC Arbois)

In the Jura viticulture there are two specialties that you must know: one is the Vin Jaune, and the other the Vin de Paille. Two white and two red varieties are authorized for the elaboration of Straw Wine. Three ways of pasify these bunches harvested by hand, but the chosen one here are straw beds. The grapes have to reach 320 to 420 grams of sugar per liter of must to become a Vin de Paille. The aging is long: more than three years, of which it has to spend a minimum of 18 months in the barrel. In the winery, each vigneron puts his master touch to achieve results like this.

An 'assemblage' Savagnin, Chardonnay and Poulsard (red) visually of an old gold color, with some turbidity. To highlight in view of the density of the tear totally logical in a sweet wine. On the deep aromas we find a complexity around white stone fruit, flowers or iodine (reminiscent of some Sauternes wines). Four months on the traditional straw bed. Sweet entry on the palate, in balance with the freshness typical of the Jura grape varieties. Density in mouth, but not heavy. Mouth-aromas around a very ripe apricot, overripe pear and peach notes. A great complexity of sensations that has been slowly forged during the three years of aging in oak barrels. A delightful experience!

Montigny-lès-Arsures (70 km from the Swiss border) is the quiet mountain village that has been home to the Domaine André et Mireille Tissot since 1962. The sensitivity towards its vineyard and towards all the stages of vinification (biodynamic certification) endow this product with a justified quality in its 40 euros more or less. As an association pairing look for a dessert full of nuances, such as a White chocolate ganache raspberry tuiles, meringue and thyme whipped ganache, pistachio nougatine, black raspberry sorbet.

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