10 habits to resist

It is clear that excess well-being has certain drawbacks... it infantilizes society, makes it weak, pusillanimous and stupid. Surely you have heard about the decline of the West. Well, the West is in crisis because Man is no longer a man, he no longer has balls, and hence all the problems that are distancing from Jesus. But is it possible to reverse the situation? Is it possible to resist based on small daily habits? The answer is yes, and below we are going to list 10 habits so that the elites do not turn you into another one of the herd.

1. Move. Go for a walk DURING THE DAY (not at night). May the sun give you. One hour every day to walk around. When you feel good walking, start doing more intense exercise. For example, going for a twenty-minute run three times a week.

2. Connect with your family and friends in person (not through social networks). On the other hand, stay away from people who are toxic, depressed or who are interested in bringing you down. When you talk to someone, look them in the eyes.

3. Stop fap and porn. Real sex with people as much as you want. Minimizing fap to one a week will push you to interact with people (point two).

4. Eat healthy. Eliminate sugar, soda, high-grade drinks, pastries, fast/junk/processed food. Go to the supermarket (preferably an organic market) and buy real food. Learn to cook real healthy food, delicious and simple (there are videos online with thousands of Mediterranean cuisine recipes). And yes, a glass of wine a day is recommended.

5. Sleep 8 hours a day at a normal time. Go to bed at 12:00 a.m. and get up at 8 a.m. EVERY day.

6. Tidy up your house/room: clean, throw away shit that you have accumulated. Make your environment a welcoming place.

7. Do something simple that you can be proud of. For example, choose a book on a topic that you like and read it. Learn to cook and cook something. Buy a plant and take care of it. Restore a piece of furniture. Anything that is productive.

8. Contribute in some positive way to the world. It is as simple as, for example, cooking for your family and enjoying it all together.

9. Having a partner is a complement. That's all. This is more advice than habite: don't torture yourself if you don't fuck, this connects directly to point nº 10.

10. Deal with losses like a man. Some things go and others are gained, that will help you value your life.

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