My French cheese-wine pairing guide

Choosing the right French cheese and wine to pair at the table is similar to choosing the best bed partner: both should complement each other perfectly and get along well with each other. This means that the flavors of the French cheese should resonate with the flavor and elements of the wine. Once you find the perfect match, the wine can help open up the flavors of the cheese, and the cheese can sweeten the wine.

We are already a little tired of finding the same pairings on internet such as Roquefort-Porto, goat – Sauvignon blanc or Camembert – Bordeaux blend. In this guide we have looked for two things: suggest local pairings and looking for non-globalist wine regions that also produce specific specialties (crus, straw, jaune or geographical denominations). At least as many as we could to support the logic we seek.

We find three main focuses of cheese in France: the Normandy lands, the central area and the Alpine region. Of course Saint-Nectaire will shine with a good red Bourgogne, but if your cows graze a few kilometers from the Côtes d'Auvergne vineyards, why don't propose a fresh and light Gamay from the same region? This is the logic that supports the following guide. Enjoy

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