Gallo Family Grenache Rosé (California, USA): A Central Valley's Garnacha 5572 miles from its Origin

California is one of the main wine growing areas of the USA with NY, Oregon and Washington. The grapes came to California from Mexico thanks to the Franciscan monks and since then this region is one of the most dynamics in the world. It is in the 30's when the brothers Julio and Ernest Gallo founded the Gallo Winery in Modesto (Central Valley). Today this winery offers easy-drinking wines like this rosé based on the Spanish variety Grenache / Garnacha.

2016 vintage: Pink salmon color with coppery reflections without any tears. Its 10' 5 % alchol is evident. Delicate nose that evokes peach juice, with water rose notes and orange blossom. A semi-dry, soft and delicate entry, developed with a slight effervescence. Very feminine. At all times softness and fluidity in the mouth. Predominance of apricot, peach, orange and grapefruit notes. Short end where the sulfurous is noticeable since it is a wine to export.

A suitable price ($ 4.05) to drink this wine at any time of the day. It is a rosé wine to open as soon as possible and as much will resist a year or a year and a half. The adequate service temperature is 11ºC and accepts a wide number of dishes for match it. Jamie Oliver's fun and casual cuisine is the best adapted to this wine: langoustine & squid-ink spaghetti, fresh seafood linguine or a vegan mushroom, chestnu and cranberry tart.

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