Dr. H. Thanisch Riesling (Mosel, Germany): the best medicine against stress is a glass of this white

70 km east to Luxembourg border is located Thanisch family state, concretly in Mosel wine region of Germany (Europe). The doctor proposition is a 1oo % eco Riesling, the white king of this country, Austria and Alsace. This time with an origin in Bernkastel-Kues where there are interesting slate soils affected by a temperate oceanic climate.

2014 vintage: Yellow lemon color with a greenish reflection and little bubbles visually. In nose this Riesling is very varietal and intense. There are hydrocarbon and pencil mine hints starting...after swirl de glass we will find flower, herbal and citrus fruit aromas. In mouth an off-dry entry, a little bit carbonic. His light developping have a mineral and stony notes and finally white stone fruits and white flower shortly.

Sofia Thanish is currently the state owner and she proposes a price of 9 euros more or less. A good option with international food if you serve it around 11º C. I am thinking about cajun cuisine, chinese food, thai or shushi food. If you have the ocasión visit the mosel banks cause is a most historic wine region in Germany founded by the romans.

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