Casa Sant'Orsola 2016 (DOC Valpolicella)

D.O.C. Valpolicella is one of the around 300 italian wine designations existing. This DOC its located in north-east Italy near to Garda Lake (greatest lake in the country). North Verona is the place where the pre-Alpine valleys bring their personality to the native varieties. This varieties are in red Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. We can find also the Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. But is not the occasion this time cause the protagonism goes to the venetian trilogy.

Visually a ruby-red color with weak depth confirming the short polyphenols's extraction during maceration-fermentation. Subtle notes of wild red fruits in nose, especially young strawberries and cherries. Those hints are confirmed as interact wine and oxygen adding floral notes. Entry in mouth lightly, femenine, subtle with a delicate development (11'5 % alc.) and a rabidly presence of raspberries and young cassis. Good freshness and delicate structure but with spicy notes that help to length the finish. Sweet and testimonial tannin.

Very easy to drink and interesting north-italian wine. I found it in my district's supermarket with a interesting price of +- 4 euros. If you like this wine style: red fruits, vivid, not luscious and without a great structure Veneto is your italian wine-region. When you go visit Venezia visito also Verona and its vineyards sourronding the city. Beautiful places and native grape varieties distributed in many DOC and DOCG like 'Bardolino Superiore', 'Prosecco', 'Colli di Conigliano', 'Amarone Valpolicella' or 'Soave'.

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