Pillitteri Ice Wine 2015 (Ontario, Canadá)

God bless Canada, because it never accepted foreign vines in his Holy Land. Québec's climate only respected the native wild vines. This fact has only allowed North American hybrids vines to succeed and propel the viticulture in Canada. The war and the prohibition of alcohol in neighboring USA made look to Europe for rediscover the winemaking art in 20th century. Joseph Vandal, Johann Schiller and the viking Leif Ericsson are considered the parents of Canadian viticulture that today count 17300 acres.

The Ontario wine-region has always focused wine production but it is also fair to talk about the British Columbia wine-area (west Canada) thanks to the French religious Pandosy. Ontario, B.C. and Québec are the 3 main national vineyards represented by the VQA quality label inspired by the French AOP's label. There are even common latitudes between Ontario and Burgundy. The weight of white varieties in Canada is indisputable and its flag is Ice Wine, the national specialty. This is the Pillitteri estate Ice Wine, almost at the gates of Buffalo (US) and on the Lake Ontario's gates, so a VQA Ontario wine.

Visually a 1oo% Vidal golden colour like nectar of gods ... if we observe the tears they are slow, we are facing a serious wine. Very intense nose, fragrant and expressive. One of the greatest complexities experienced: orange blossom, rose flower++, fresh must, lychee, passion fruit, pink peach ... And still with orange, beeswax and white fruit of roasted bone hints. Sweet, dense and elegant entry in mouth. A development of great class and with a perfect balance between sugars and freshness (11% vol.) Numerous mouth aromas: baked peach, citrus like orange, mercromine... Very long finish thanks to the spicy echoes and other sensations that put this Ice wine at the height of any Sauternes Premier Cru.

As you know, the harvest destined for Icewine is produced in December, when the bunches are at -8º C and machinery for this task is not allowed. The yields that the pneumatic press produces with frozen bunches are minimal and perforce there is the secret of its quality. A quality recognized by lot of national and international medals. This 200 ml. format has a $ 23 / CA$ 30 value that is faithful to everything experienced and to the peculiar this sweet wine elaboration. But being a Vin de Glace doesn't mean that it is served too cold! The ideal temperature is 11º C and that will do a perfect match with desserts fruit-based or creamy cheeses such as a good Camembert. Personally one of the best I've had in my life in terms of sweet wine... so God bless Canada.

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