Domaine Saparale rosé Natura 2022 (Vin de France)

Micro-cuvées, or wines produced in small quantities, are normally artisanal wines that are highly valued by amateurs. In this way, more time and care can be dedicated to each batch, resulting in wines of higher quality and personalization. Small productions also allow adjustments and small changes that do not affect the final quality of the product.

A very pale pink Sciaccarellu, the nose shows a base of red fruit that is complemented by floral memories such as rose petal. Freshness predominates in the entry in mouth, awakening the entire palate. There is a great finesse that makes it feminine and easy to drink. The fruit of the forest is omnipresent, always leaving a pleasant and clean finish thanks to the absence of exogenous sulfites.

This micro-cuvée of only 1000 liters has not received any excess sulfite, since the fermentation is sufficient. This is one of 1,300 bottles for the 2022 vintage, each valued at 14 euros. As a pairing, Corsican and Mediterranean cuisine can make us throw the cork of this bottle very very far. Try the Corsican lasagna with eggplant, zucchini, muracciole and niolu. Mamma mio!

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