Nōtios white Gaia Wines (Peloponnese, Greece): Circe's spell includes Moschofilero and Rhoditis grapes

The Peloponnese, the southernmost peninsula of Greece, offers us a mixture of two completely native and historical varieties: Moschofilero (Μοσχοφίλερο) and Rhoditis. The first provides aromatic power and the second provides the acidity necessary for a Mediterranean wine. 

These two grape varieties have an ancient history in the Peloponnese region, where they have been cultivated for centuries. Moschofilero is known for its floral and lively aroma, while Rhoditis is harder to find. The wines of these varieties are characterized by their balance and elegance, which makes them ideal to accompany a wide range of Mediterranean dishes.

2014 vintage : This wine has a very light straw yellow color, with a silver meniscus and greenish reflections. On the nose, it presents herbaceous notes and unripe white stone fruits. When the wine is aerated in the glass, menthol and mineral notes of medium intensity appear. In the mouth, it is light, fruity and with a controlled freshness. It presents hints of citrus and minerals before a short finish of 12% vol. This wine is perfect to accompany light and delicate dishes, and can be served as an aperitif or as a white wine to drink on any occasion.

This white wine, from Bodega Nemea, is a true gift from the gods at a price of only 7.70 euros. It is a wine that pays tribute to the god Dionysus, just as Euripides did in his famous work "The Bacchae". This is an ideal wine to enjoy at a cool party or to accompany typical dishes of Greek gastronomy, such as a Greek salad, feta cheese croquettes, Greek beans or a delicious tzatziki.

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