Gamla Chardonnay (Golan Heights, Israel): the white wine that reconciles Jews and Arabs

Speak of wine from Israel is to speak of Edmond de Rotschild, founder of the wine industry in this "country". We find both large companies and small projects in a climate very suitable for viticulture. The biblical region of Galilee is especially prone because of its altitude, its breezes and the day-night climate difference.

2015 vintage: Very intense lemon yellow color with greenish details. Its brightness and its small bubbles reveal its youth. First neutral nose, after oxygenate increases the intensity around notes of banana, citrus or herbaceous. Fresh entry, with a fruity development with a certain density and ending with varietal echoes of medium persistence (13% vol.) Freshness present as well as its notes of tropical fruit.

A Chardonnay with a price of € 8.70 from Golan Heights Winery, a reference of Jewish wine since 1983 that deals with more than 600 hectares (1500 acres). Undoubtedly the largest winery in Israel whose wines will match well with Palestinian cuisine such as kubbi neyee, roasted lamb, shish kebab or musakhan bread.


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