370 Léguas 2014 (DOC Douro): the Iberian brothers always prepared to offer exciting winter reds

2014 commenced in Douro region with a wet winter, succeeded by a temperate summer marked by significant fluctuations in temperature between day and night. This confluence of climatic factors fostered a prolonged and uniform maturation of the crops, culminating in an abundant yield boasting robust fruit flavor and well-balanced acidity.

There was a time when Castille and Portugal ruled the world. Spaniard conquerors and Portuguese navigators laid the foundations of Latin American democracies and civilized their societies. A treaty that helps the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal is signed to manage these peoples who occupy great new territories: Treaty of Tordesilhas. In 1494 a division of the navigation and conquest areas of the Atlantic Ocean and the New World was established by a line located 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands. Many years later we toast by the treaty with this red wine.

Green for Portugal, light green for Castilla

High depth in glass starting an evolution. Surprise at the bottle bottom with some tartrates. Lot of legs, with density and colored showing his south-european origin. Fruity nose at the beginning, after that fruits remember a liquour maceration. Not much aromatic intensity...In mouth a slender attack respecting the fruit load. A palate unctuous with a delicate structure. Mouth aromas for bush fruits in liquour, lactic and woody hints (8 month ageing). Very integrated freshness going less to more. A polished tannin in the finish. A finish long and warm (13 % vol.) with SO2 traces.

Not only the great conquests unite Spaniards and Portugueses, but the possession of a variety of red grape: Tinta Roriz / Tempranillo. This variety expresses itself wonderfully near the Duero / Douro River and is the queen in the two countries denominations as 'Porto', 'Toro', 'Cigales', 'Ribera del Duero' and 'Rioja'. The blend is completed by Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca. It is noted that it is a traveller wine given its SO2 traces and the tartrate salts formation which justify its price approximate to 5 euros.

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