Bassermann-Jordan Feinherb Riesling (Pfalz, Germany): tradition and quality protected by the Jordan family

The Riesling variety was born not far from the middle course of the Rhine river (center Europe). It is said that it is the Abbey of Eltville (a few kilometers from Mainz) where the presence of this grape variety is remembered for the first time. The Pfalz vineyard (57ooo acres) is the second most important wine region in Germany and whose wines are of higher quality. If we put the Pfalz on the map it would be south-west of Germany and at the same time north of the 'Bas-Rhin' French province. Let's see a 1oo% Riesling coming from 'Weingut Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan' cellar (from Deidesheim village).

2017 vintage: Silver color with greenish reflections. A very aromatic and perfumed nose. Varietal notes where minerality is the protagonist. It is followed by green fruits such as apple or lime notes. Entry with very subtle effervescence accompanied by a slight sweetness. The development is very feminine and pleasant with a guaranteed freshness. A final where the salty minerality notes return. With a higher temperature of service, memories of white stone fruit at its point of maturity. The aromas of the mouth around 11º C (correct service) evoke the freshly cut lime or the young peach.

The Haardr hills protect the Riesling fields that the Romans once planted, Charlemagne stimulated and then the monks worked. Nowadays is the Jordan family saga that with a long viticultural tradition puts where the Riesling variety deserves (among others). A quality riesling valued among 10 and 15 euros. As I said, 11º C is the ideal temperature for tasting. As a pairing I would like to recommend Asparagus with Ham wraps and vinaigrette or a bietterballen or a Shrimp pasta with broccoli pesto. Delicious with this Kabinett Feinherb.

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