Cimarosa Cabernet Sauvignon LIDL 2017 (South Africa)

The South African vineyard due much to the Europeans who worked in that Holy land. On the one hand the Dutchs established the first vineyards, and the Frenchs (Huguenot monks) brought their savoir-faire to achieve the quality of the wine. At that time (XVII century) the most famous wine in the country was the sweet Muscat of Constantia. Currently, after the overcoming of phylloxera and the abolition of the Apartheid, a drinkable and successful wine has been obtained for the British and European market.

Visually a very very deep color with also colored jambs sign of a great straction. In nose: there are a good complexity. Spicy, sauvage fruits, cocoa or red pepper hints. The floral notes are in second place. In mouth a powerful and fruity entry (ripe fruits in alcohol ). An intense, powerful mouthfeel (14% vol. in alcool). A rich, fruity and sweet development. A good freshness and structure when it is served arond 13º C. A warm finish still fruity and earthy and alcohol fruits reminds.

The Cabernet Sauvignon variety, which already contributes structure and polyphenols, is associated with a climate of great insolation to produce a powerful red wine. It is preferable, given its melted tannin to consume this reference during the year. As a pairing you have to look for a good Bobotie : consists of spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping. A very South African price of around 5 euros to enjoy a Cabernet with the power of a lion. 

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