Dealurile Huşilor demisec Merlot 2017 (Romania): romanian daring with a Bordeaux variety in a border red

It is sad but alcoholism continues to be a social problem in the Balkans and in Romania. Especially in their villages. I'm talking about men who consider vodka water. I am talking about men who the first thing they do when getting out of bed is to drink Tuica or Visinata. An habit that passes from parents to children and turns domestic life into hell. Solution? Start by substituting white liquors for foods with a low alcohol content such as this 10.5 % alcool Merlot.

Visually a low-middle opacity reflecting a brief extraction completely searched. A closed nose at the beginning that with patience is revealed in wild strawberry notes. But with very little intensity. A spicy entry in mouth with a slight roundness. Live and fruity development without losing lightness. Very easy to drink (10.5% vol.). End where the black spice returns with a pleasant warmth and still juicy fruit of the Romanian villages northeast forests.

Those villages in the northeast of Romania, which border Moldova, are where the Huşi vineyard takes root. A vineyard with a continental climate, temperate and humid, ideal for growing Merlot vines, which adapts especially well to humidity. Crama Recea offers a price of 4.20 € / $ 4.58 to be competitive in all countries in Europe. Service at 13º C recommended. Like match could work a traditional rice-meat Sarmale or a homemade Placinta.

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