Domeniile Tohani Fetească Neagră demidulce 2017 (Romania): a style of red that deserves to be known

The Fetească Neagră (Black Maiden) variety is a pre-phylloxeric and native grape from Moldova and eastern Romania. Its oenological quality contrasts with the short vineyard area dedicated to it in the countries before named. Its late cycle is especially favorable for the southernmost Romanian vineyards, and of course Domeniile Tohani winery is installed in that part of the country. This variety quality and personality can revive the Romanian wine scene in a medium-short term.

Visually a medium opacity with a halfway color between youthness and evolution. An original nose around blue flower, lavender and wild strawberry hints. When oxygenating, floral and more forest fruit such as raspberry or cassis notes are added. Unfortunately there are also TCA's traces from poor quality cork. In mouth a light roundness on the palate, the sweetness is barely noticeable. Light development, with a sweetness touch making it feminine. A present but integrated acidity and 12.5 % warmth linking with a black spice register. A spicy finish adding volume before leaving a fruity trail.

I bought this reference (and others of the same origin) in a Romanian food store in a working-class neighborhood of my city for 4,20 euros / $ 4'47. To say that in Spain the Romanian community is adapting better and better to the particularities of the country. In addition, this immigrant community is one of the most respected thanks to its attitude at work, its Christianism, its good command of Spanish lenguage and even its Caucasian appearance. More and more Romanian wine is apreciated although there are always things to improve such as the quality of its corks.

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