Domeniile Tohani Tămâioasă Românească dulce (Romania): the Muscat family is very comfortable here

The Tămâioasă Românească or Romanian Muscat is a grape variety appreciating warm terrains and therefore southern Romania. A very old local variety and very sensitive to weather conditions that requires good sun exposure and warm autumns. His predilect terroir is in Dragasani region (south Carpatians). It acquire high concentrations of sugar producing natural sweet and semi-sweet, balanced, aromatic and complex wines like the one I present below.

2018 vintage: Visuallay a gold color of manual. Olfactory medium intensity: notes mainly of freshly pressed grape must that has reminded me the Muscat variety. In the background touches of tropical fruit, lychee, honey, pear ... but also traces of TCA. In the mouth an entry of subtle sweetness, light development, never dense (only 11'5 % in alcool) . There are also roasted stone white fruit notes, highlighting the apricot that lasts until the end.

This wine was recommended to me by the saleswoman of a Romanian food store in a humble neighborhood of my city. She told me that Romanians like to meet their friends around a meat barbecue, and this wine is one of women bring to accompany the dessert. Its price of
5'70 euros / $ 6 is deserved since it comes from a winery with fame in Romania and increasingly in the West.

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