Bostavan DOR Rară Neagră Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 (Moldova): Slavic varieties to the conquest of the West

Rară Neagră (or Băbească Neagră) is perhaps the most representative red grape variety in Moldova (both in eastern Romania and in Republic of Moldova). It is a grape that produces wines with a light and not very alcoholic profile. During the 90's and 2000's was unfairly considered by a public looking for reds with a lot of structure. However, new ways of winemaking and new markets have rescued this variety, which is main in denominations such as Nicoreşti, Panciu, Coteşti or Dealu Bujor. For a more lush and solar profile look for labels like Babadag (on the Black Sea shores). To achieve optimum quality here it has been assembled with a variety of completely opposite profile: the Cabernet.    


Visually the opacity that is seen corresponds to the Cabernet Sauvignon anthocyanins, the border wine shows a tonality that goes beyond youth. A shy nose at first. The fruit at its point of maturity is the protagonist, later liquorice, florals and spices notes are added. In the gustatory section the entry into the mouth is dry. The development is very fruity, medium structure (also thanks to that Cabernet Sauvignon presence ) and a freshness that goes from less to more. A mouthfeel with ripe fruit from the central Moldavian forest along with earthy notes. A pleasant finish, with melted tannin and a warmth of 13.5% vol.

This is a medium and medium-humble ranged red that serves to assess the type of wine made by the big eastern Europe wineries. In definitive a wine for the 'day to day' that will shine with the preparations of each day. The recommended serving temperature is between 12.5º and 13º C without the need for any carafage. The quality/preice value is good, since it caresses $ 5. In front of this wine, stewed meats will work especially fine. As a glamorous match I would bet on an Iberian piglet, suckling piglet, light sheep cheese fondue and black cabbage sauted.

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