Kretikos Boutari white (IGP Crete): land of labyrinths and native grape varieties unknown in the Anglo-Saxon world

The island of Crete is the third largest in the Mediterranean and the fifth most populated. At the national level it is also the southernmost in Greece. An island that shaken off the Ottoman yoke in 1913 and that keeps several myths: Laelaps (hunting dog that Zeus gave to Europe), Talos (the bronze giant that protected the coasts of Crete) or the Minotaur (body of man and head of bull). But the best kept myth is the Vilana ( Βηλάνα ) white variety here making 100%.

2020 vintage: A brilliant soft white-yellow colour. A first nose of medium intensity but still very pleasant. There you can perceive notes of white flowers and apricots. In the mouth, dry entry but with a slight roundness. Wide development, with a large volume and very good freshness. The palate aromas are reminiscent of ripe citrus fruit and white stone fruit at its point of maturity. Second, I plant mineral, sage and herbal echoes. A floral aftertaste with a trail of citrus, ranging from Greek lemon to Cypriot orange.

Kretikos means 'from Crete' and precisely the Vilana variety is one of the most representative of the island along with the white Vidiano, Malvasia of Candia, Thrapsathiri or in red the Kotsifali. IGP Crete is the one that represents easy and nice wines (this 11'5 % vol.) from the island. This mono-cépage is valued at 4'35 euros / $ 5 by Boutari winery and can be enjoyed at around 9º C. As a pairing a traditional Greek salad or some mussels pasta on the Heraklion coast.


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