Orines Diadromes Chardonnay Traminer (Greece)

Zoinos winery is one of the Zitsa wine region's references, in the Greek Epirus, near the Ionian Sea and Albania. Although we are in Greece, its northwest area is characterized by low temperatures where the Central European grape varieties give great results, but always in the shade of the native white Debina (capable of producing even good sparkling wines). Precisely the bourgundy Chardonnay (7%) and the Italian Gewürztraminer are associated with the terroir of Dragaotsoura (700 m.) as context breaking wine stereotypes.

Visually straw yellow with greenish reflections. A discreet first nose where notes of fresh grass from the Dragaotsoura meadows stand out. Then there are hints of white stone fruit and finally hints of freshly cut lime are imposed. On the palate a fresh, daunting and dry entry. Development of very good freshness, highlighting citrus, herbal and still young white stone fruit. And a bitter point. A end where that bitter fun that reminds of the white of the lemon is prolonged. In short, a white wine with citrus and floral profile.

Two international varieties that keep a national stamp and leave aside memories of lychee from the Traminer or pineapple from the Auvernat. An original white wine, easy to drink (12% vol.) That will accompany Greek gastronomic delights. And also economic 6 € / $ 6.79. As first pairing a Greek Saganaki Caprese Salad in Paxos island. Another good option is an incredible Gemista: a comforty and hearting vegetarian dinner, with stuffed peppers and tomatoes baked with potatoes for absorb all the flavors and juices.


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