Perlage Canah brut (DOCG Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore)

Glera grape variety is the undisputed queen in the Prosecco production area, in the Italian Veneto. It is not the only variety that can produce this sparkling wine, and neither its original name. It is an aromatic cépage, that is to say, when it is worked correctly it can give the wine an intense and singular perfume. But the Glera needs low yields, sloping soils (as in Refrontolo), good sun exposure and a lot of limestone to make wine lovers fall in love with. This Glera proposed by Perlage winery is between 15 and 20 years old, comes from the Valdobbiadene area and has undergone its 2nd alcoholic fermentation in tank.

Straw yellow color with a lot of bubbles as a result of the Martinotti method. Incessant bubble that rises from the bottom to the top. On the nose a medium intensity that transports us to the meadows of the Valdobbiadene area without forgetting the fruit. In the mouth a wide and powerful entrance due to the effervescence. Sparkling development, pleasant (11'5 % vol.) with a good freshness. Mouth aromas of white pip fruit, white flower and pastry hints without losing the citrus fruit. Finish with a touch of bitterness in line with the aforementioned fruit, reminiscent of the white part of the lemon rind.

This blog also talked about another Prosecco Superiore from Perlage winery, but whose raw material is extracted from the ConeglianoValdobbiadene hilly area, which has 15 registered villages. The respect in the vines cultivation and the elaboration of this brut is guaranteed through the BIO and Vegan labels. Mediterranean and Italian gastronomy is always the most consistent, leaving aside that we are dealing with a wine for the celebration. But going back to the classics of the Italian pasta, we can recommend Pasta Napoletana (using a lot of everyday ingredientes) or a Penne with marinara sauce (tomato, garlic, herbs and onion basically).

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