Domaine les Aurelles cuvée Aurel 2012 (AOC Languedoc-Pézenas)

The Languedoc-Roussillon vineyard is located in central-southern France, along the Mediterranean coast from the border with Spain in the south and up to Provence in the east, park National des Cévennes to the north and to the Pyrenees mountains in the west. One of the Languedoc's geographical appellations is Pézenas, characterized by heterogeneous soils, the Hérault river and the Noire mountain. The best representative winery of this appellation is Domaine les Aurelles (Nice, Hérault province), with only 9 hectares of vineyards.

A Monastrell 85% - Grenache 15% of medium opacity with disc in logical evolution (ten years after we uncorked this wine). A nose about evolution and complexity: the smoky and animal touches overshadow the ripe fruit. In the mouth a typical Southern round entry. Very classy development, with a silky charming texture doing it easy to drink. A fruit at its point of maturity that cohabits with the tertiary mouthfeel (45 months, that is, more than three years of aging). Elegantly fruity and truffled finish. No one would say that it has 14.5% vol.

One of the most emblematic wineries in the Languedoc and an essential classic for all wine lovers. Bravo Caroline and Basile for this vintage that mixes elegance with evolution to arrive us to sensory orgasm. This cuvée is highly recommended, valued at almost 40 euros, but we do not know if it might be out of stock (contact the winery). Serve at 14º C and as a pairing a roasted rack of Occitanian lamb with ratatouille: peppers, red onion, eggplant, heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil, radish, garlic, St-Saturnin red wine, tomato sauce, Modena balsamic vinegar.

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