Jidvei Grigorescu Gewürztraminer demisec (Romania): a perfumed white to contemplate good art

The relationship between the Italic peoples and Romania goes beyond the importation of the Latin languages in 106 BC, which would become the Romanian language over the centuries. There is something else Italian that has also penetrated Romania to its geographical heart: the Gewurztraminer variety, which shares the same latitude as Alsace in the Târnave DOC. The cold and humid climate of Târnave in Transylvania is the best adapted for this central European variety of aromatic type.

peasant woman from Muscel (1874)

2019 vintage: Straw yellow color at first glance which, if we are attentive, suggests a beginning of evolution. Notice the thick tears. On the nose we find the typical exuberance of the Traminer: a festival of rose, lychee, grape must and a ripe pear. Very scented. On the palate, an off-dry entry (11.5 g of residual sugars) that connects with a dense and highly intense development. Frank aromas in the mouth, where the ripe white fruit returns together with that touch of varietal lychee, pear, flowers, etc. Very pleasant. Warm finish (13% vol) but loaded with SO2.

Jidvei winery, one of the largest in the country, proposes a price of 21.69 lei that arrive in the West converted into 5.90 euros. Without leaving the homage collection to the Romanian impressionist painter Nicolae Grigorescu, try another of his wines discussed in this blog: his Muscat demisec (same price). As a pairing look for Balkan desserts like a Tufahija (is a treasured recipe based on apples stuffed with almonds (sometimes walnuts) and baked in sugar syrup.

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