Domaine Caujolle Gazet cuvée La Coulée Douce 2018 (AOC Terrasses du Larzac)

One of the best wines of the best denomination of the Languedoc? You want to know why? For this:

Languedoc-Roussillon has undeniable vineyards, based on its climate, its mountain ranges, its seafront, its six Uesco world heritage sites, its diversity of terroirs and its natural parks.To the north of Languedoc we find the Terrasses de Larzac AOP, a terroir made up of schistes, grès and pélite capable of providing a plus freshness to Mediterranean varieties. The Coulée Douce (Hérault province) cuvée is based on the Syrah - Cinsault - Cariñena variety.

Visually a typical average intensity in the macerations that go from four to five weeks. Nose for the forest fruit hints at its point of maturity on a background of complexity where the truffle stands out. Entry of a slight roundness, which links with a delicate and silky development. Aged in steel tanks for 18 months. To highlight a welcome freshness thanks to Carignano. A delicate spicy plot that puts a certain persistence.

Domaine Caujolle Gazet awaits you in the picturesque French village of La Vacquerie & St Martin de Castries, where stone floors are dominant. This quality wine, that respect for nature, the low yields and the non-addition of sulphite add up to a quality valued at almost 20 euros. As a pairing, the local and Mediterranean product is always the most welcome: Saddle of Larzac lamb mashed with cauliflower, cucumber, turnips, lobster mushroom, thyme and lemon sauce.

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