Les Portes du Castelas 2019 (AOC Côtes du Rhône)

Concrete tank winemaking is a centuries-old winemaking method that has been around since Roman times. With modern winemakers, concrete tanks are still used today to ferment grapes into exciting wines. The tanks are made from concrete, hence their name, and feature a curved rectangle shape with a perforated cover. The tanks can range in sice from a few hundred gallons up to 30 000 gallons or more. It is an underground or above-ground tank made drom concrete, often reinforced with steel or other materials, that is used for fermentation of grapes for delicious wine like this:

A Grenache - Syrah - Mourvèdre from the vicinity of Vacqueyras with medium-high opacity on sight. His edge was still in his youth after uncorking in the spring of 2021. An intense and delicious aromatic with red fruit from the young forest notes (zarazamora, strawberry...). A round and chewy entry in the mouth. The development of medium intensity leaves a fruit that is highly respected and a protagonist in this concrete vinification. Great balance between richness and vivicity The silky texture covers the mouth with wild strawberry and candies notes. Crocquant. Finish where the blackberry touch and tannin as spicy as present returns.

Concrete tanks are generally preferred for winemaking due to the porous nature of the material and its expansive temperature control ability. The porous nature allows a more even distribution of temperatures, allowing for better conditioning of the tannins during fermentation, a longer fermentation time, and more gentle handling of the grapes. Vibino values this red made by Grandes Serres winery at 14.10 euros, which in our opinion is deserved. In addition to this vintage, only 3,000 examples have been bottled. As a pairing, some grilled Occitan lamb ribs with fried peppers and red potato puree.

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