Miluna rosso 2021 (IGP Puglia)

Puglia, in southern Italy, is characterized by its long coastline, which stretches for over 800 km along Adriatic Sea. The region, mostly flat, have some hills in the interior. The highest point in Puglia is Monte Vulture, which stands at 1326 meters above sea level. The climat of Puglia is mediterranean, with hot dry summers and mild, wet winters. The region is known for its olive groves and vineyards.

Visually a Sangiovese - Malvasia Nera- Negroamaro of medium opacity, with a disc still in youth, having uncorked a year after harvest. Notes of young fruit, allied with hints of earth and oregano. On the palate rather dry entrance, with present liveliness. Development of a medium-light structure (12%) with a register of forest fruit such as wild strawberry on a smoky background. Final with a lively but pleasant tannin with that berry fruit that always accompanies us.

Although we are talking about one of the southernmost vineyards in Italy, here we find a delicate structure and a freshness that makes us wonder what the secret is. At all times it is noticeable that it is a wine of 4.95 euros but even so it is a recommended reference for each day. As a pairing, the simple and delicious regional food: for exemple a orecchiette pasta, panzerotti, focaccia di Altamura, capocollo, and burrata.

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