Château la Baronne blanc 1989 (AOC Corbières)

One of the most prestigious wineries in the Corbières appellation (founded in 1985) is Château la Baronne (Moux village, Languedoc region). The Alaric Mountain (see the picture) is the natural element that will mark the quality of Baronne wines since the Lignères family took over at the end of the 50's, a time of recovery on the Old Continent. They currently manage about 223 acres in organic viticultureTo celebrate the recoveries or to continue saving here I present an old family jewel: their white 1989 uncorked 33 years later.

Could it be a Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris & Rolle assemblage with a golden lemon yellow color that confirms its old vintage. On the nose, the aromas of oxidation revolve around nuts and mineral salts, all at medium intensity. In the mouth, a dry entrance without a doubt. A development that still retains its freshness, nuanced by a pleasant bitterness and a dense texture. The aging in the barrel has faded over time, respecting the freshness. Evolutionary mouth-aromas bringing orange peel and herbs from the middle zone of Alaric's mountain notes . Finish still dry, 12% vol, but with a great persistence. Carafage recommended.

Possibly one of the legendary wines of the Corbières appellation and that is why its evaluation is a task for the Lignères family, for my friend Jean. Without leaving this blog, we can recommend the Las Vals and Les Lanes cuvées, both of an artisan nature. Pairing this iconic white with a Bluefin tuna marinated radish, raspberries, orange, black aronia purée, rhubarb water, balsamic vinegar gel with buckwheat honey. As a second option it could be suggested an Hickory smoked Mediterranean salmon, dill and glazed onions blinis.

Alaric Mt ( thanks, )

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