Domaine Saint-Nicolas cuvée Jacques (Vin de France)

The Vendée province in France is a land of wines breathing the Atlantic, but it is also a land of people, of those who love their vines, of those who preserve the best of the past and constantly innovate. Of these men who know how to open their cellars to you and offer you their passion, like Domaine Saint Nicolas in Brem-sur-Mer (Olonne island).

It is a 1oo% Pinot Noir with a good extraction of several weeks without the woody part of bunches. Timidly fruity on the nose, but with oxygenation it will become more expressive. In the mouth dry entry. Development of medium structure, with a controlled freshness. It is not marked by its 18 months in barrels. Mouth-aromas for the fruits at their point of maturity, with a herbal and undergrowth touch. Dry. Final where the fruity seal persists thanks to the clean work in the vineyard and cellar.

One of the best wineries in the Vendée region without a doubt. The quality of their products (like this Jacques for 25 euros) have led them to stand on the best tables in France. As a glamour pairing a Rabbit confit in a phyllo dough, red Bourgueil wine sauce. As second match a Seared tuna; variation of parsnips (parsnip chips; parsnip purée and roasted parsnip); Hollandaise sauce with yuzu; pickled onions; Port; raspberry vinegar.

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