Domaine Saparale blanc 2022 (AOC Corse Sartène)

The Vermentino variety (Malvoisie de Corse on Corsica island) was a variety brought to the West by ancient Hellenic settlers. A variety that in its youth gives aromas of jasmine, acacia, apple, pear, apricot, exotic fruits or almonds. With maturity, a superb mineral plot develops, notes of honey, wax and white truffle. In short, the best Mediterranean white variety that tastes like this in southern Corsica thanks to Saparale winery.

Brilliant and flawless straw yellow. The nose expresses part of the purity and quality of the Malvoisie de Corse variety: we find white seed fruit such as that of the pyrus genus, prunis persica and also flowers such as jasmine. Also a surprising minerality in such a recent vintage. Entry light and at the same time, with a timid density. Very floral aromas on the palate, which are accompanied peach and citrus hints, which add a pleasant bitterness. Light at all times leaving a wine to enjoy until 2025.

After a cold vintage such as 2021, the 2022 vintage is rare, it is an extraterrestrial according to the producers of southern Corsica. In any case, there are a lot of aromatics and freshness, which is important for any white wine. As for pairings, Mediterranean cuisine is the best place to enjoy this 11 € white. One of those options would be a skewer of squid, prawns and cuttlefish marinated in red basil, Provençal herbs and Amalfi lemon.

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