Domaine Fiumicicoli rouge Giovichi 2020 (IGP Île de Beauté): the natives Minustellu & Carcaghjolu all aboard!

Complementary varieties in Corsica (those other than Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu or Vermentino) are taking the forefront of the island viticulture. Varieties such as Biancu Gentile, Genovèse or Codivarta in white, and Muresconu, Minustellu or Carcaghjolu in red are justifying monocepages that are attracting the attention of Jancis Robinson, Parker or Todoelvino. Giovichi is not a mono-cépage, but a blend of two of those Corsican varieties that will surprise and excite.

A Minustellu 50 – 50 Carcaghjolu with a discreet/medium opacity in the glass, uncorked three years after harvest. The forest fruit is that predominates in the aromatic buffer, assisted by mountain grass or the menthol hints typical of the Minustellu. Dry entering the mouth. Very fruity development, with really nice juicy black fruit. The freshness apported by the granite floors is already the hallmark of the Fiumicicoli house. Femenine. A spice that gives persistence and leaves a complete wine from start to finish.

A digestible, fruity and casual style that forgets about wood and embraces stainless steel, the best friend of the Corsican fruit. A less concentrated style than the one proposed by the Corse-Sartène label, even though this grapes came from the southwest of the island. The originality and organic work behind Giovichi is valued at 21 euros. As a pairing you have to think of Mediterranean cuisine: try some zucchini stuffed with minced lamb meat and brocciu gratin.

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