Oremus Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2003 (Hungary)

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The 'Tiempos Vega Sicilia' project for Tokaji is called Oremus. The most prestigious winery in Spain has set its sights on vineyards classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The town of Sátoraljaújhely, on the border with Slovakia, hosted in 1993 the Álvarez family's project that by that time already reigned in Ribera del Duero and Toro wine regions. With 115 hectares (82 in production) at the mercy of Noble Rot and a Siberian climate in winter and soft in summer you can only expect quality. This is how the Furmint and Hárslevelü grape varieties will reach an optimal and ideal concentration to be fermented for almost two months in Gönc barrels before a long aging.

 A golden yellow color with copper reflections that mark an aging of in this case 2'5 years in Hungarian oak barrels with capacity for 135 / 220 liters. In a first nose there are white fruit of bone overripe parfums. With the oxygenation honey, caramel, iodine and roasted peach hints are manifested. Aromas of Botrytis. Then, more deeply sprout flowers, nuts and candied orange touchs. On the palate a sweet entry (6 puttonyos equals 75 grams of residual sugar in half liter) but without being heavy (11.5% vol). Balance development between freshness and liquor with a certain density. A long, finish, never heavy that brings to mind apricot and jasmine notes with a persistence longer than the Hungarian winters.

A 7ooo bottles / year production justifying the low yields of a great liqueur wine.
Its price is faithful to all the processes and care that raw material has received, I am talking about 70 euros (50 cl). These great wines, if you have an optimal space for the guard can last 60 years and even 70 years, as if it were a great Sauternes, a great Coteaux du Layon, a great Alsace Late Harvest...you understand me. This vintage can be enjoyed with a 13'4 °C temperature to enjoy all its nuances. Of course during a great occasion: wedding, bachelor party, farewell to married ... In match I propose you a Coconut Bavarois, Passion Fruit, Mango Cremeux, Lychee and Lime. Why not an Orange Souffle, Grand Marnier Ice cream, Dark Chocolate Sauce.


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